Website Elektroniczne Zapisy (eng.: "Electronic Registration") initially was created for the needs of small, local events organized by us in the region of Pomerania. Soon it turned out, that it can serve not only us, but also other sport events organizers.

We are constantly striving to improve our website by providing more features to the organizers and simplifying the process of registration, payment or finding information.

At the moment, every organizer who creates an account on our site, can use by creating a registration form according to the needs of the event (not just sports, also courses, meetings and more). Additionally, in the event management panel, each moderator has the ability to set his own distance, age category, or choose a form of payment (DotPay or regular transfer).

Organizers , who creates registration form for the first time, should send us an email: regulations and terms of the event. Within 3 working days, we will create the form and instruct the organizer how to manage and administrate his own registration form.

The service is currently free, so any organizer can use our site to minimize costs.

Every athlete or other user, who has account on our service, after logging in, can register to all available events on the main page, thus creating a history of their startup. Till now, over 68,000 individual accounts have been registered on our site, and this number is growing every day.

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